Ceramic Pots & Planters – Stafilopati Argiro

Our company continues the tradition of Ceramic Art , which started by  Stafylopatis Georgios, when he left the island of Sifnos and set up his  first pottery in the Athens suburb of Maroussi , in Greece.  In the following years,  Georgios Stafylopatis and his son Nikolaos  established a pottery business in Sparta and another one in Zante, due to the quality of clay in these particular areas.

The granddaughter Argiro Stafylopati, a third generation family member, together with her husband Silvio have been maintaining the success of this business, since 1995.

What is more, a boost to new productive means and to the finest quality is given, along with the highest possible production. Our ceramics are of high quality, baked at 1020 degrees C and they contain a particular ecological material, which protects them from humidity, salts and ice.

Having a dynamic presence, both in Greece and abroad, we keep creating new products of excellent quality and modern design, using our outstanding methods.

Βιοτεχνία κεραμικών γλαστρών - Σταφυλοπάτη Αργυρώ

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