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Our company continues the tradition of Ceramic Art , which started by Stafylopatis Georgios, when he left the island of Sifnos and set up his first pottery in the Athens suburb of Maroussi , in Greece. In the following years, Georgios Stafylopatis and his son Nikolaos established a pottery business in Sparta and another one in Zante, due to the quality of clay in these particular areas.

The granddaughter Argiro Stafylopati, a third generation family member, together with her husband Silvio have been maintaining the success of this business, since 1995.

What is more, a boost to new productive means and to the finest quality is given, along with the highest possible production. Our ceramics are of high quality, baked at 1020 degrees C and they contain a particular ecological material, which protects them from humidity, salts and ice.

Having a dynamic presence, both in Greece and abroad, we keep creating new products of excellent quality and modern design, using our outstanding methods.

Ceramic Pots & Ceramic Garden Planters (All our products)


Ceramic pots

We produce a wide range of ceramic pots in numerous both modern and classic colors for all tastes and events. Here is our catalogue.


Ceramic Planters

We create pots for the garden, for your porch and for both interior and exterior spaces. Our pots are made of the finest clay, in unique designs and they are the ideal suggestion for all decorative purposes.


Especially ceramic products

Our products are available in special designs and various colors and they give their unique decorative touch in any place. Along with our special pots for the garden, we also produce ceramic candles for receptions and ornamental ceramic items for domestic or professional use.

Large variety of ceramics

We produce a wide range of ceramic products like ceramic pots, ceramic planters and jars for gardens and external places as well as special pieces for indoor and outdoor use. Our ceramic products can be used in both private homes and business offices and events. The large variety of ceramic products we produce enables us to cooperate with many shops, plant nurseries, garden centers, florists, decorators, Catering Officers etc. In total cooperation with our customers we create any specialized construction they desire.

Wide quality of our products

Our ceramic products are produced under the best conditions from the beginning of the production process up to the final product. We use the best materials and have modern facilities. At the same time we have subprofessional staff and create unique ceramic products off high quality, baked at 1020 oC and soaked with special ecological materials that protect them from moisture, salinity and high and low temperatures.

Excellent relationship between quality and price

Our great experience, productivity and our modern facilities enable us to create high- quality products  at the best possible prices. For all these reasons, our company is one of the most vigorous companies in its field, as it combines the immediate service with the constant interaction with our customers.

Why choose ceramic pots?

  • It has great decorative value in exterior design or interior places  or as a decorative suggestions.
  • It is uniquely combined with any plants or other decorative materials.
  • Ceramic products are absolutely natural and ecological.
  • On the terrace and garden give us traditional Mediterranean style.
  • The art of clay and the techniques that have been developed give us the opportunity to create unique ceramic products for each decorative proposal.

Ceramic Pots

Ceramic Planters and Jars for the Garden

Especially ceramic products